Today’s information technology equipment requires a clean source of reliable power. Whether you are supporting a single server, IP switch, or require power backup solutions for a large-scale IT application, On Power will provide and install the correct equipment and design a strategy for your power systems that will allow you to scale your operations.

Improved power efficiency means cost savings for your business

UPS battery backup power supplies that you can pick up from your local box store and other off-the-shelf solutions have many deficiencies. They provide little to no power conditioning and the battery life is often very short, leaving your systems unprotected. In many cases they are not performing their main purpose – providing backup power – reliably in the case of an emergency.

Our in-house team of electrical engineers will survey your equipment and other power needs and design a solution that provides both clean power and reliable backup systems. Our power solutions will offer protection for your valuable equipment from power surges while ensuring that they are getting the amount of power that they require.

This all sounds great, but where is the ROI?

Your computers, servers and other IT equipment represent a large part of the cost of running a business. Most companies don’t have their power and backup needs adequately assessed, or install low-cost, unreliable and inefficient UPS systems that do not address power conditioning needs. A properly designed power solution will reduce your overall equipment costs, ensure vital data isn’t lost due to equipment failure, and give you the peace of mind that your computing equipment will be powered in the event of a power interruption. In the short term, you should also see a reduction on your power bill.

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