Uninterrupted, clean power is a non-negotiable requirement for data centres. On Power has worked with leading names in the telecommunications and IT sectors in North America to offer customized power solutions for large-scale data centre operations.

Improved power efficiency means cost savings for your business

Power solutions that are cobbled together over the course of time to deal with expanding needs are a common occurrence at some data centres. They can cost your organization many thousands of dollars in wasted energy costs and add risk to your sensitive equipment from “dirty” and unreliable power. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is key in determining your operational efficiency and costs, and we can improve this metric in nearly any data centre application.

On Power is proud to offer UPS solutions that run at 97-98% efficiency, while performing online voltage and frequency regulation ensuring uptime, where other solutions are far less efficient. Other systems may also use “eco-mode” technology, which leaves your infrastructure without reliable online protection. Would you drive your car with the airbags temporarily disabled? Eco-mode means the UPS is in standby waiting to turn on. Operating in eco-mode could result in various problems, including tripped breakers, overloads and dropped loads. Additional issues related to the use of eco-mode include risk of thermal shock and the potential for reduced UPS battery life.

High efficiency realized from our specialized power solutions can mean large savings on your power bill, especially when operations are scaled up to enterprise level. The return on investment for improved power solutions in a data centre environment is short-term and easily realized through power savings and ensuring that you can meet your Service Level Agreements with your clients with reduced downtime. The long-term ROI will be seen in reduced damage to equipment through uneven power and the resulting lower cost of ownership for equipment.

The following are just some of the ways On Power can increase the profitability of your data centre/colocation operation.

  • Installing the smallest UPS size footprint, saving valuable space to install more IT racks and equipment, which will generate more revenue
  • 96.7% efficiency at 40% load (on-line) will save on utility bills even when UPS’s are not heavily loaded; wasted energy is wasted profit
  • Less cooling required than the competition. Not only are you saving initial capital investments by installing smaller HVAC systems, you are also saving on your monthly utility bill, lowering your operating cost
  • Lowest service contract in the industry contributes to keeping operational costs low

Consideration for other vital systems

While it seems like powering servers and other computing equipment is the focal point of a data centre, ensuring that enough power is left over for vital systems such as air conditioning, alarms, ventilation, lighting and other key infrastructure components is just as important. Our strategy and equipment will account for these systems and ensure they are running reliably.

In-house expert with large-scale data centre experience

Since 1982, our experienced experts have been customizing robust and cost-effective solutions for your data centre that take scalability and other specific requirements of each piece of equipment into account. We can assist consultants, electricians and building managers onsite to facilitate delivery, physical installation, electrical installation & commissioning.