Return on Investment
By assuring an improved operating environment, best in class power mitigating equipment offers the highest potential for rewards and profits. On Power AC interfaces pay for themselves.

Power Quality Seminars
Our seminars provide our clients with an understanding of the impact of power variables on electronic systems. Clients will view live demonstrations and come away with an understanding of the benefits of current power protection products.

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Corporate Profile
On Power Systems is the nation's largest independent power quality equipment supplier and a member of the ONCA Group of companies. Since 1982 our customers have benefited from our experience and expertise to help them implement mitigating solutions that have dramatically reduced the occurrence of unplanned shutdowns and interruptions of critical operating systems.

On Power ensures optimum return of your high technology investment by providing a full range of power services and best in class power measurement and mitigating equipment. Our power solutions and equipment are supported across North America by a qualified team of power specialists. Even your most complex technical problems can be solved by the special engineering resources available through On Power.

Customers trust our equipment and installation experience as a means to achieve improved electronic system reliability, and ultimately a measurable increase in profitability.
Our Power Quality Solutions dramatically reduce power related downtime, maintenance cost and energy waste, thereby increasing revenues and decreasing downtime. Our customers are assured of a power partnership that will take them into the next generation of power management technologies.
Also as the largest solutions provider, On Power offers our customers the best prices since we have established privileged relationships with the country's leading equipment manufacturers. Our solutions have demonstrated the highest payback and the shortest return on investment.
Today's electronic business world demands customized power solutions.
On Power delivers !